Calizo 0.2

Calizo is a calendar event management program with adjustable views
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Calizo is a calendar event management program with adjustable views.
This calendar management tool allows you to put events on a calendar. A calendar can be created or added and will store events information: like event name, duration, description and a link to a file or folder. Events are linked in the calendar. The program allows to adjust the calendar’s zoom from years to hours, and the adjusted zoom also can be set as the default view for the current calendar. It is also possible to append ICS and VCS calendar files. Reports can be generated and saved in HTML or text format. Calizo also manages multiple calendars at the same time; and events can be copied and distributed among calendars, or even moved from one calendar to another.

The program's GUI is easy to navigate, offering controls in visual features like colorful bars and captions. Its installation process is easy to perform; no additional libraries or programs are required. The documentation is included in the program. Calizo works on Windows and Linux platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Easy to use
  • Can append ICS and VCS files
  • Handles multiple calendars in a single view


  • It’s hard to figure out the date a new event will be appointed to
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